Carter & Cavero is proud to introduce its fine selection of natural, unrefined, hand-harvested salts from around the world. Our gourmet salts will give your cooking a unique and superb effect that will enhance your food’s flavor and presentation. All good chefs season with gourmet salt, as it’s much easier to see and feel how much you’re adding. If you season with gourmet salt, you’re much less likely to ever over-salt. Salt texture is critical to all good cooking. It is why one sauce served over pappardelle is a decidedly different dish than the same sauce served over macaroni. The main reason has to do with each salt’s crystallization, which, in essence, is a salt’s texture. Finish a dish with one of our gourmet salts, or keep them available at the table for your guests. What is wonderful about these salts is their crystal shape, their crunch, and sometimes their color, but always their particular effects on food.

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