Olive Wood Bowls & Utensils

Olive trees produce, quite arguably, the highest quality of wood. The contrasting grains and warm, rich tones distinguish olive wood from all other woods. As it takes years for an olive tree to reach its full potential, large pieces of olive wood are difficult to find. Our olive wood products are uniquely carved from solid blocks of wood and are never glued or laminated. They are hand made by artisans with many years of experience, ensuring that each piece is unique and of the highest quality. To make your olive wood last, we suggest the piece be occasionally wiped/cured with olive oil, sunflower oil, foodsafe mineral oil or beeswax. We suggest that you should not use strong detergents to wash your olive wood, instead hand wash and rinse the pieces in warm water and leave them to dry in a vertical position. Do not soak olive wood or put it in the dishwasher. All of our Olive Wood products are handcrafted, so shapes and sizes may vary slightly. This is what makes each piece unique.

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