Carter & Cavero is dedicated to searching out olive oil that surprises the senses, that make people say, “Wow” when they smell, taste or see them. We hope our customers will cherish what they find here not only because of their fine taste or beauty, but also because of the incredible skill and artistry that has gone into their creation.

All of our extra-virgin olive oils are from select award-winning producers in Italy, Greece, Spain and California.  We hope you will try them all as each one exhibit a unique taste, aroma and pepperiness or mildness.  To quote our expert, when asked what is the best olive oil… “the best olive oil is your favorite.  Each person has their own palette and taste.”  So find your favorite!

All of our flavored olive oils are made by combining extra-virgin olive oil and natural flavoring.  We find them so flavorful and useful in the kitchen that we can’t live without them.



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