Ancho Chili Coffee Rub


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Ancho Chili Coffee Rub

A sweet and smoky mix of dried Poblano peppers, coffee, and other spices. Sprinkle on your favorite steak to create a juicy T-bones, mouthwatering porterhouse, bold ribeyes and sirloins bursting with taste. A good rub for ribs, roasts, and brisket. Use to season ground beef for flavorful burgers and meatloaf.

Available in our 2 oz. pouch for $4.95 or 4 oz. tin for $7.95

Ingredients: Sweet & Smoky mix of dried Poblano Peppers, Coffee and other spices.

100% Natural

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Weight .75 lbs
Ancho Chili Coffee Rub

2 oz. Pouch, 4 oz. Tin


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