Spanish Bread Dipper Gift Set


The perfect hostess gift! This set includes a 200 mL bottle of Spanish Hojiblanca EVOO, bread dipping spices, and a dish!

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This set features a 200 mL bottle of our signature Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil from Spain, a tin of dipping spices and a 3 inch dipping dish! *pouring spout included in gift*

Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Production Area: Estepa, Andalusia, Spain

Intensity: Medium-Intense Fruity

Varietal: 100% Hojiblanca

Description: This extra virgin olive oil is cold-extracted from 100% Hojiblanca olives grown in the Southern Andalusian region of Estepa. It has a fruity intensity, typical of the variety, and an aroma reminiscent of fresh cut grass, apple and tomato. Its flavor is moderately intense in bitter and spiciness, making it ideal for bread-dipping, sauce-making and dressing grilled fish and vegetables.

Bread Dipping Spices

Mix these premium spices with your favorite olive oil to quickly create a unique, flavorful dipping oil ideal for crusty bread. Add balsamic or wine vinegar to the oil to make tasty vinaigrette for salad dressing or as a marinade. Sprinkle the seasoning on cooked vegetables or grilled meats. Mix with flour to coat cutlets or chops.
Ingredients: dehydrated onion, oregano, red pepper, dehydrated green bell peppers, pepper, basil, and spices



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