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Cous Cous with Mild Spices – Tiberino



A secret blend of spices and herbs gives an exotic taste to our “Cous cous with spices” recipe, an authentic Moroccan recipe! The right balance between sweet and piquant exotic spices is renowned for its distinctive characteristics, rich aroma, sweet aftertaste and attractive appearance. It’s a perfect main course or side dish (stewed meat or fish).

Preparation : bring to a boil 2 cups water with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin oil. Just add couscous, cover the pan, turn the fire off , then rest for 5 minutes or until water completely absorbed.

Useful tips: pour into the water 3 oz (100g) garbanzos before adding couscous and serve with 3 oz (100gr) of sliced beef or veal fried in olive oil and black pepper.

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon or red, still, medium body wines.

Ingredients: couscous, leek, bellpepper, tomato, garlic, chive, carrot, spices, garlic, onion, aromatic herbs, salt.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Imported from Italy
  • No additives, no preservatives, no artificial coloring
  • 1 pan cooking with no straining needed! Great easy meal
  • 200 grams/2 servings
  • Contains Gluten


Tiberino, the family name, appeared first in 1888 as the name of small Italian fine foods shop in the heart of the old town in Bari. Since that time, 4 generations of Tiberino’s have taken part in the family business handing down from father to son over a century of experience.
Today their main commitment is offering unique and delightful fine foods to allow everyone to enjoy daily the pleasure of a real Italian meal.
Tiberino was enthusiastic in 2007 when they supplied for the first time in the history, a real Italian menù for the crew of ISS (International Space Station).
The Tiberino catalog includes both classical Italian fine foods (such as pasta, tomato sauces, oil and more) and a wide range of Italian gourmet main courses easy to be cooked. They are 100% natural and taste as good as the foods you can only taste in Italy.
The Tiberino selections of pasta, rice, risottos, cereals and polenta are comprised of all natural ingredients and allow you to present, in your kitchen, original complete Italian meals (including their own seasonings).
According to Tiberino’s tradition and philosophy, they daily commit themselves to the selecting the finest ingredients and turning them into good & healthy products thanks to a 100% natural dehydrating and handcrafted production process.

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