Hank’s Variety Pack – 4 Bottles




Looking for the perfect gift for that person who loves hot sauce, the Jersey shore or maybe both?  Or maybe you just want treat yourself.  This variety pack is a perfect way to taste all of Hank’s amazing hot sauces.


Hank’s Camouflage Hot Sauce 8oz. – Sweet, tangy, and zesty; Camouflage is accompanied by a “hidden heat” that comes through moments after the initial sweetness.

Hank’s Cilanktro Hot Sauce 8oz. -A unique sauce that is sure to be unlike anything you’ve had before. A hefty dose of FRESH cilantro creates a flavorful blend that mixes perfectly into your favorite foods.

Hank’s Heat Hot Sauce 8oz. – Hank’s Heat is a specialty sauce that Hank uses when he feels the need for a little extra heat.

Hank’s Herb Infused Hot Sauce 8oz. -The original Hank Sauce was created to enhance the flavor of Hank’s favorite foods.

Save $2.00 over the price of 4 individual bottles!


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