• NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN SEASONING: This dry rub blend combines hot chili peppers, garlic, onion, and tangy mustard to achieve that classic southern flavor with a slow burn. Make country-style dishes that your family will love with your new favorite fiery, sweet spice.
  • BOLD FLAVOR: The fiery heat of cayenne peppers is balanced with the sweet and tangy notes of honey mustard to create a bold, savory flavor profile. Make dishes that capture the essence of southern, homestyle cooking.
  • MADE IN THE USA: This gourmet Nashville hot seasoning is the best savory spice on the market. Our spices are made here in America and masterfully blended by a professional chef. Crafted with tasty, rich, premium ingredients, this blend provides mouthwatering flavor that gives your meal the perfect kick.
  • COMMON USE: This fried chicken seasoning can be used to as a pork seasoning or rib rub. Use this blend to season chicken wings and chicken fried steaks or add on any other dish where you might like to have that bold, tangy taste.
  • VERSATILE: This BBQ rub is ideal on Nashville hot wings, however; you can use this blend as a popcorn seasoning too. Want to spice up your vegetables? Sprinkle this spice powder on cauliflower before roasting in a hot oven and serve with a cooling blue cheese dip.