Organic Parsley Flakes


Parsley is the leaves of a flowering plant in the Apiacear family, like dill and celery. There are two types of parsley: Italian (or flat leaf) and curly leaf. Both originated in the Mediterranean. The Spice Lab’s dried parsley is curly leaf parsley that comes from Israel, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Tunisia. It is packed in the USA.


  • ORGANIC DRIED PARSLEY: High in antioxidants, Organic Dried Parsley is mostly used as an attractive green garnish. It’s also nice in salad dressings and dips. Packaged in a lovely French jar with a stainless-steel cap, it’s a delicious organic herb at an everyday price.
  • ORGANIC PARSLEY FLAKES FOR CHICKEN: Unlike many herbs where the flavor becomes concentrated when dried, parsley’s dried flavor is very mild, grassy and herbal. Use dry parsley to garnish casseroles, pasta dishes, baked french fries and hummus platters. Chef Fiona uses it in Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves and in Potato and Bell Pepper Frittatas.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: This 100% USDA organic certified parsley is pure and all-naturally farmed. Use it to add a slight flavor and color to baked goods like herbed breads. Make your own Greek dried spice blend with parsley, thyme, onion, nutmeg, oregano, salt, dill, basil and garlic powder. Variations on this blend are used in many Greek dishes.


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