Oro del Desierto Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain




Oro del Desierto Organic Olive Oil from Spain

Gold Medal Winner at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2020

Variety 100% Organic Picual
Colour Intense Green
Fruity Medium – High
Production area Finca el vicario, Desierto de Tabernas (Almería) Spain
Aroma/Taste Medium intensity, fresh grass aroma combined with notes of olive leaf and fig plant. Persistent and harmonic, the green sensations are easier to feel than the fruits which appear in less intensity.

Astringent with great character and personality, medium-high bitterness depending on the year, piquant taste also present and a bit less intense. The after taste reminds you of the leaves, grass and chlorophyll taste in general.

Production Method Cold press extraction 2 phases. Only with early harvested olives, 65-75% still green.  From half of October to early November
Acidity 0.17º
Polyphenols 997

Oro delDesierto is a family-owned and operated business placed in Tabernas (Almería, Spain). If you combine the climate conditions, with more than 3000 sunshine hours/year and without extreme thermal changes and the extra care they take in the whole process: cold extraction within maximum eight hours after harvesting the fruit, the result is their 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all its delicate characteristics and nuances of flavour. The highest quality and consistency has always been an important concept to their family, their quality is worldwide recognized and awarded.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in


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