Our Planeta Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown in Menfi, Sicily, Italy.

Varietals: Nocellara di Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola.

Harvest: Hand harvested in early October.

Color: It presents as a brilliant dense green, evoking the color of pistachios.

Aroma: On the nose, it has the typical intense aromas of the oil of this area of Sicily; grass, green tomatoes, artichoke and seaweed.  Bordered by fruity notes of cedro and aromas of exotic woods.

Taste: It finishes on the nose with hints of fresh herbs, headed by basil.

This is a fruity oil, sharp, spicy and intense, in excellent harmony with vegetable soups, fresh cheese and above all with grille fish and meats.

Product of Sicily, Italy

500 ml

Awards: SOFI award from Specialty Food Association (Fancy Food Show), Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition, International Sol and Agrigood Fair

Benefitting from the experience of 17 generations, Planeta cultivates their Sicilian land with two great passions, wine and olive oil.  At their Menfi farm they devote the Capparrina estate to olive trees, where they cultivate the olive grove which descends the hill to the beach of Porto Palo; it consists of 98 hectares, to which they added another in 2017, planted as the completion of their great plan to protect the countryside and ensure the quality of their olive oil.

The olives are harvested by hand, beginning in early October, and they take them immediately to the olive press centrally situated in the same grove.