• WHITE WHOLE PEPPERCORNS GRINDER MILL: White peppercorns are a great alternative to black pepper in white or light-colored foods. They have a more subtle flavor than black peppercorns, with fruity and mildly fermented undertones. Packed in a lovely, refillable jar with ceramic grinder, this white pepper makes a great gift for master chefs and beginners alike.
  • WHITE PEPPERCORNS WHOLE: Earthy white peppercorns have a subtler, more perfumed heat than black peppercorns and are used in recipes that call for that aromatic, pungent flavor without dark flakes of pepper. They’re commonly used in light colored dishes like cream sauces, white gravies, potato salad and batter coatings for fish and poultry.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains pure white peppercorns. Try white pepper in a white queso dip, white gravy or Hollandaise sauce. It’s also delicious in white pepper ice cream.