Our hugely popular Red Onion Marmalade now comes in this massive jar, so you won’t run out quite as quickly! Rich, intense and gooey caramelised onion with a hint of orange – it’s addictive.

Simmered for several hours to ensure an intense, rich and gooey marmalade which goes with just about everything. This edition is ideal for those who love a fresh, sweet flavour that needs no kick it is so tightly crammed with taste.

Especially good with cheese, this makes for the perfect sandwich toastie or wrap. Spread a generous amount on your bread and sprinkle with cheddar cheese (or your favourite). You can either enjoy it as it is or place in your toastie machine or grill for 5 minutes until golden brown for the most moreish comfort snack.

Alternatively, bring a cheese board into the mix. Pair with fresh, cold cheese, meats, pies, scotch eggs, crackers and more! It serves as a brilliant cold marmalade as well as a warm one – the flavour never ceases!

Made in United Kingdom