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From its Estate Collection, Carter & Cavero is proud to introduce this wonderful Spanish Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil produced from olives at Innoliva’s state of the art grove in Spain.  This freshly harvested Spanish Arbequina is aromatic, complex and well-balanced.  Predominant notes of ripe fruit – where the aroma of bananas and apples exist in perfect harmony with green leaf and almond. On the palette, the oil evidences sweetness in a very nice balance with a light bitterness and a mild and persistent spiciness.

Product of Spain

Innoliva employs the latest technologies for the management and harvesting of the olive orchards in order to maintain the trees and their fruit most efficiently throughout the year to obtain healthy olives and an excellent Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

Their olive orchards are laid out in such a way as to facilitate mechanical harvesting followed by a rapid system of picking and pruning. This procedure is less aggressive to the trees by comparison with older methods. These are the pre-requisite conditions needed to harvest all the fruit at the ideal moment of ripeness. The only oliviculture technology that allows you to achieve this noble goal.

Innoliva starts harvesting during October and finishes in the middle of November.

They harvest the olives in their perfectly ripe stage: from beginning until end. They bring the freshly picked fruit, as quickly as possible, to the oil mill for the extraction of their extra-virgin olive oil.

In the oil mill, Innoliva classifies the fruit according to its origin and state of ripeness, in order to guarantee an integral perfect traceability and a high quality product.

They use only cold extraction in order to maintain the olive oils’ best sensorial and healthy attributes. They are aware that this is the costliest method of production, but they also know that it is the only way to always achieve a Premium quality product.

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Arbequina - 500ml Tin

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