Spiced Sour Cherry Spread by Gracious Gourmet





An intensely cherry flavored fruit spread produced by simmering sour Morello cherries, both whole and pureed, tart dried cherries and spices with red Burgundy wine. Spiced Sour Cherry Spread also includes a hint of ginger, lemon juice and black pepper. A great choice for those who love gourmet cherry jam. 8.0 oz. each jar.

Serve Spiced Sour Cherry Spread with chicken, duck, pork or game. Accompany soft or semi soft cow or sheep cheeses. Mix into basmati rice. Top a plain cheesecake. Spoon over chocolate or vanilla ice cream.


cherries, sugar, dried cherries, burgundy wine reduction, ginger, lemon juice, salt, spices, black pepper.

•Naturally Gluten Free



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