10 Liter Stainless Steel Fusti with Spout


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Manufactured and imported from Italy, this stainless steel fusti is constructed with superb craftsmanship. It is made 100% with 18/10 stainless steel. The seams are perfectly smooth, which makes it extra sanitary for food products and easy to clean. It is an ideal medium for storing and dispensing olive oil, wine, vinegar, water, etc. Includes spigot, which is also 100% stainless steel.

All stainless steel Fusti with 15-liter capacity (3.96 gallons)

  • Includes stainless steel spigot 
  • Ideal for storing & dispensing olive oil, wine, vinegar, water, etc
  • Made in Italy. Food grade & certified by NSF
  • Dimensions: 11″ diameter x 9.45″ Height 
  • The price of this fusti is over $99, so shipping in the continental US is free!

La Nuova Sansone srl was founded in 1991 from the similarly-named company created By Benito Giannelli in the 1080s. With great passion, he was able to put his previous experience to good use. La Nuova Sansone produces containers made from stainless steel for the conservation of foodstuffs. The company is very active in the domestic market and is growing fast abroad. The product range consists of canisterss and barrels and other containers designed and projected to contain liquids, foodstuffs such as oil, wine, honey, and also, if needed, peas, beans, other legumes and pharmaceuticals. The material used for the production is stainless steel 18/10 – Aisi 304 (DIN1,4301) that guarantees the best results in terms of product life and hygiene. The quality system of LA NUOVA SANSONE SRL has been found to conform to quality system standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Welded Canisters, Europa Model, with NFS Certification. La Nuovo Sansone’s welded canisters have been built according to the most rigorous quality standards. A special butt-welding makes cleaning these fustis easier and avoids any accumulation of organic parts and residues, potential carriers of bacteria. The material used is stainless steel, 18/10- Aisi 304 (DIN 1,4301). With ½ inch (12,7 mm) TAP (FAUCET) SETUP.

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