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Handrolled in a bakery in Noicattaro, Bari, these savory taralli compliment a glass of wine and some cheese as an appetizer or a party dish.  All flavors are wonderful for an “on the go” snack.

The tarallificio and pasta factory “I capricci del pellegrino” was born in the ancient city of Noicattaro south-east of the capital of Puglia, becoming over the years a small artisan activity, a leading company in the production and distribution of bakery products. It is certainly one of the most influential companies in southern Italy in the production of taralli, biscuits and dry pastries, to which the merit of having spread beyond the national borders the flavors of the great Apulian gastronomic tradition.

Respect for the ancient pastificial tradition, the use of highly selected raw materials and above all 100% made in Puglia and the most modern technologies guarantee products of the highest quality, able to meet the specific needs of each market. All this has allowed the company to be identified nationally, and internationally, as a synonym of a typical taste of the Italian and Apulian territory and of an enogastronomic tradition appreciated all over the world.

The company is a guarantee of quality, taste and nutritional balance because it has always paid maximum attention to the health of consumers and their dietary needs, using the right amounts of the most genuine and refined ingredients.

Peculiar feature that identifies our taralli pugliesi is the friability, because they are made today still following the ancient recipe, handed down over the years from father to son and that still sees the taralli first “boiled” by immersion and then cooked strictly to the oven, as tradition dictates!

In addition to carefully following traditional recipes, the philosophy behind the success of the tarallificio also includes the careful selection of the best raw materials, processed in a safe and hygienically healthy environment. The passion for quality, the maintenance of ancient flavors, respect for tradition represent and will always represent the fundamental and essential principles of this reality.

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