Taste of America 4 Pack


  • ULTIMATE GIFT SET: Who doesn’t love a good bundle? This set includes four full-sized shaker jars of distinctly American flavors. This versatile collection is perfect for seasoning any kind of meat, seafood or vegetable dish.



  • CHICAGO CHOP SEASONING: Perfect for seasoning pork, steak and grilled chicken strips, this all-natural bold and savory blend combines crunchy Hudson Valley salt, black pepper, dried garlic and onion, white pepper, ginger, brown sugar, hickory smoke and vegetable fiber.
  • KEY WEST SEAFOOD: Snapper and tilapia need this citrusy Key West zest. This white fish blend combines all-natural crunchy Hudson Valley salt, sugar, dried garlic, coriander, dried onion, ginger, spices, turmeric, green chives and not more than 2% lime oil.
  • NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN: Perfect for grilled chicken breasts, vegan wings and buttered popcorn, this versatile fiery, sweet and tangy seasoning goes well with just about anything. A pantry staple, it’s the perfect blend for spice lovers.
  • EVERYTHING AND MORE:  This classic, savory blend with a subtle kick is the perfect topping for buttered popcorn and avocado toast. It combines all-natural crunchy Hudson Valley salt, sesame seeds, dried onion and garlic, poppy seeds and chili flakes.


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