The best risotto ever! Saffron and the original Carnaroli rice: a unique combination to be tasted!

Preparation: bring to a boil 3 cups of water with two tablespoons of extra virgin oil. Stir in the content of the package, cover and simmer until the water is completely absorbed. Alternatively cook this one-pot risotto as a traditional risotto, gradually adding water or broth during cooking until desired texture is reached. Add saffron just before serving.

Suggestions: add 1 or 2 tbsp of butter and 3/4 of tsp of dark cocoa before serving. For a creamier risotto, add 2 or more tbsp of your favorite grated cheese or some cream/butter once cooked.

Wine-paring: Frascati Spumante DOC or  light bodied white wine.

Ingredients: Carnaroli rice, saffron, aromatic herbs, vegetal broth without glutamate.