Customers always ask us, “who are Carter & Cavero – are they real people?” Yes, Carter & Cavero are the family names of two women–Mary Randolph Carter & Mercedes Cavero Wall — one from Virginia, one from Peru–both mothers, both working women with a shared passion for healthy cooking and eating. Their paths first crossed more than a decade ago at a wedding in a small Mediterranean village.

Since that time they have both shared their love of food, design and healthy living (not to mention their family names) with us. But back to the wedding… The groom’s family had been producing extra-virgin olive oil on their family farm for generations. After tasting these amazing olive oils and touring the ancient olive oil mill where they were produced, Carter & Cavero started brainstorming a way to bring the special olive oils, vinegars and other gourmet foods from their travels abroad into their lives and kitchens in New York and New Jersey.

They found a way and in 2007 Carter & Cavero opened for business. Today, with the help of their world-renowned olive oil expert, Cesar Colliga Martinez, Carter & Cavero is pleased to share with you an exciting selection of the world’s finest olive oils, vinegars, gourmet foods and more!