Olives are universal and can be used in virtually any meal. Not only do they have many health advantages–great for heart health, loaded with antioxidants, help prevent high blood pressure–when used as oils, they also make meals taste delicious and help balance the acidity in high-acid foods, such as tomatoes. As Spring draws near and many holidays and special events take place this month, gatherings with family and friends require tasty dishes. Here is a list of some of the best olive recipes for Spring.

Tuscan Bean Soup

Many dishes use olive oil to enhance the flavor in tomatoes, kale or to spice up a delicious bean soup, such as the Tuscan bean soup. This is a great meatless Lenten meal for Spring, as the main ingredient is Cannellini beans, also known as white kidney beans. This soup uses Frantoio Extra-Virgin Olive Oil,which has a peppery and fruity flavor that is symbolic to cuisine in Tuscany.

Guacamole with Garlic Olive Oil and Habanero Sea Salt

This is the perfect appetizer to serve while hosting a sports watching party. This guacamole recipe is not your average chip and dip snack because of the powerful taste that comes from the Garlic Olive Oil. Place a bowl of your favorite tortilla or pita chips on the table and dive into the guacamole!

Rosemary Honey Glazed Shrimp

This delectable seafood dish is great for any dinner party or gathering. It is a delicious shrimp entree infused with the sweet flavor of Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey. The marinating process in a sealable bag does most of the work for you, giving you time to relax or prepare other mouth-watering dishes.

Pici Pasta & Basil Pesto

Here is another meatless dish that uses Nocellara extra-virgin olive oil andherbs to bring out big flavors. This dish provides a delightful aroma and flavor of fresh basil. Pair with the Rosemary Honey Glazed Shrimp or another fish dish this month.

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