Among the many gourmet salts available at Carter & Cavero, the Peruvian Pink Salt is one that chefs, in homes and in restaurants, have learned to appreciate.  Curious about Peruvian Pink Salt? Read on to discover the ancient origin and special qualities of this amazing natural food enhancer.

What is Peruvian Pink Salt and why is it so special?
Peruvian Pink Salt is one of the few natural salts that is rich in flavor and history. It comes from an ancient ocean, trapped underground, which feeds a spring 10,000 feet high in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The warm water spring seeps into 4,200 terraced salt ponds in Maras near Cusco, Peru. The ponds, which have been hand-harvested, hand‐processed and hand‐mined for over 2,000 years are now owned by over 380 individual families who, after harvesting, load the salt on the backs of burros for the long decent into town.
How is Peruvian Pink Salt produced?
The Maras salt mines were born from a tributary whose source is in the middle of a mountain. This stream joined the Urubamba River and the salt was lost. When the Incas realized that the water was salty, they began digging wells and once each one was filled, they closed it. Once there, the sun evaporated the water and the salt was left behind. There are currently 4,500 wells and the river is still going.
What are some of the characteristics of Peruvian Pink Salt?
Unrefined and unprocessed, Peruvian Pink Salt crystals have a high moisture content and a light pale pink color. Peruvian Pink Salt has high trace mineral content including potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper. In fact, Peruvian Pink Salt contains more than 80 trace minerals which help cleanse and nourish the body.
Trace minerals:
• Help the body with proper functioning of the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system and muscle system.
• Help the body better assimilate nutrients, regulate water content, correct acid‐base balance and assist in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
• Support the body in reducing mucus and congestion.
• Help the body detoxify heavy metals.
Further, Peruvian Pink Salt contains iron, which is essential for red blood cells.
Why use Peruvian Pink Salt instead of common table salt?
Peruvian Pink Salt obtained from solar evaporation in ponds is entirely different from modern refined salt and it contains a variety of minerals that play a role in keeping the body’s electrolytes in a healthy balance. Peruvian Pink Salt is 100% natural, without any additives.
The common table salt we use today is primarily oven-dried sodium chloride with anti-caking agents added. Minerals, like calcium and magnesium, are removed in the process of making common table salt. The drying process that is used to create common table salt involves heating the salt to a high temperature to remove moisture which creates a product that is unnatural and hard on the body. Sometimes chemical additives are added to common table salts because they have a nice white color and a perfect grain.
What are some of the uses for Peruvian Pink Salt?
Foods and Cooking: A pinch is all it takes to add a burst of true flavor to any of your favorite dishes. The mineral‐rich water that gave birth to Peruvian Pink Salt gives it a more pronounced flavor. Use on steaks, chicken, seafood, vegetables, pasta or anything that can benefit from an exquisite appearance and taste.
Cocktails: Instead of regular table salt rimmers, add a flavorful twist to your rimming glasses. You will love it for your favorite Margarita or Bloody Mary recipes.