Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Olive oil and skincare might not be the most obvious combination, but little do most people know that all natural olive oil is incredibly beneficial to your skin.

It should come as no surprise that the most vicious of culprits in creating bad skin and breakouts are oily foods!

Unrefined vegetable cooking oils tend to become rancid and sour at room temperature. The story of `refined’ oils is not all that fine. Lot many refined oils are obtained with the help of toxic solvents like hexane; and then the solvents are removed and the oils are heated to a very high temperature to remove any odors or toxic residue. They also go through a level of bleaching! Imagine we gulp down such oils with all the deep fried stuff we love to eat.

From the moment a deep fried food touches your lip, it starts causing you harm. Vegetable oils create an imbalance in the hormonal system of the body, causing acne, and horrible ones at that!

You would do your body and your skin a great favor if you stopped consuming these unhealthy oils, but doesn’t it seem impossible to live completely without your favorite comfort foods?

Olive oil is great for the skin, whether applied or consumed! It is crucial that good quality, extra virgin olive oil be used to obtain maximum benefits.

Olive oils contain Monounsaturated Fatty Acids or MUFA, which are considered as healthy fats for the body. If you replace the saturated and trans fats with MUFA, and its friend PUFA (Polyunsaturated fats) in your diet, you are on a healthy road to the future.

Olive oil also has an antioxidant called “polyphenol” that keeps the skin moist, aiding in drying up and healing of acne faster. The best part, polyphenol heals the pimples in a way that they do not leave those ugly scars behind.

Olive oil also has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. In simple words, it kills bacteria on the skin and prevents the existing pimples from developing into an infection. To find out more on how your can benefit from adding olive oil into your life, view exquisite selection of oils at Carter & Cavero.