Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy our bread dipping spices at home just like you would at your favorite restaurant or add some spice to your favorite dish.

Olive oil bread dipping spices are often found on the tables at fine restaurants and are enjoyed by the whole family.  Now you don’t have to wait to go out to dinner to enjoy the great taste of extra-virgin olive oil and bread dipping spices.  We have four popular flavors: Sicilian Blend, Rosemary Garlic, Mediterranean Citrus and Spicy Italian Roasted Garlic.

We love them so much in our home that we have all four flavors in the spice cabinet.  Just heat up a warm loaf of bread or baguette in the oven, pour some of the bread dipping spice into a dipping dish and pour your favorite extra virgin olive oil on top.



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