Tea lovers, prepare to be “wowed” this holiday season with our selection of our incredibly popular Harney & Sons Teas.

Our English Breakfast Tea continues to be one of our most popular flavors. Made from 100% China Black Keemun tea, Harney’s English Breakfast Tea has an almost indescribable flavor of smokey pine, orchid, crushed apples and a rich sweet taste.

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, our ever-popular Holiday Tea will be hitting the shelves in no time. This Harney tea is made with black tea spiced with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon, an unmistakable holiday treat for any tea lover this season! Wonderful for the holiday table, on a cold winter morning, or any time you crave a holiday-inspired brew.

You can visit Carter & Cavero at their stores in Red Bank, Pier Village/Long Branch and Palmer Square/Princeton, New Jersey or you can shop online at www.carterandcavero.com. Carter & Cavero will also be returning to the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park in New York City this holiday season.