…And we’re back! After a long hiatus we are ready and tastier than ever. As most of you may already know we have opened another location for the summer at Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey. We’re looking forward to a very busy summer with no time for rest! Yes, we’re crazy, but we love it!

We’ve got some fantastic events planned for this summer at our stores in Red Bank and Long Branch. Keep an eye out for Tito, our artist who creates unbelievable, rustic ceramic works of art. He will be visiting New Jersey for five days and doing demonstrations with his very own clay from Spain. He’ll mold his way into your heart with the fascinating history of ceramics in Spain while creating works of art right before your eyes. No need to speak Spanish, there will be translators at hand! Yours truly.

We’re also setting the ground work for an educational and fun event with a well known nutritionist for all you health concious foodies. She will be full of incredible information about the benefits of olive oil. Oh, there’s so much to learn!!

Next on our plate will be a guest chef from a popular local restaurant in Red Bank. This very talented chef will be creating some mouthwatering dishes with our most popular oils and vinegars. You’ll be able to taste away and get some great ideas for your kitchen.

And for the ladies, we have a fun filled night of drinks and appetizers while mingling with successful women in business. Our networking party will make you feel you’ve died and gone to heaven in Spain! You can look forward to Spanish food, music and wine and some very successful designers from New York to share their stories.

Phew! If that isn’t enough to get you summer started with Carter & Cavero, I don’t know what is! Get ready, set, summer!!!

Buen apetito!

Mercedes Wall (a.k.a. Cavero)

You can visit Carter & Cavero at their store in Red Bank or in Long Branch, New Jersey or shop online at www.carterandcavero.com.