A collection of 3 bottles (each 375 ml ) of our top selling balsamic vinegars. Included is  our classic Traditional Balsamic  which is  everyone’s top choice, followed by the rich and fruity Fig Balsamic, and zesty light and fresh Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic, A fantastic addition to everyone’s panty! Great combination for your favorite chef.

Our Best-Selling Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar.
The flavor of Sicilian lemons has been added to barrel-aged white balsamic vinegar to produce this unique vinegar. Sweet and mild like their American counterpart the Meyer Lemon, Sicilian Lemons do not have a tart taste.

Suggestions for use:

-Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar is delicious paired with our Garlic Olive Oil.
-For those who like to use lemon on their salads, mix 2 parts olive oil to 1 part Sicilian Lemon Balsamic for a lower calorie, lower fat salad dressing.
-Drizzle over grilled, baked and broiled fish or shellfish.
-Pairs with any Extra-Virgin Olive Oil or with our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil for an added lemon kick.

This all-natural, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar  is made for us by one of the most renowned makers of Balsamic Vinegars in Italy.   It is made in Modena, Italy using traditional methods.  First quality grape must, which is obtained from whole pressed grapes from locally grown late-harvested varietals, particularly Trebbiano and Lambrusco, is reduced by roughly half and left to ferment naturally for up to three weeks.  The resulting concentrated grape must is then blended with a small amount of premium aged wine vinegar to balance the acidity and matured and further concentrated for a minimum of 18 months in Slavonia Oak casks.

The resulting Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is a glossy and viscous dark brown, with beautiful orange reflections.  It has a velvety texture and a slight fruity sweetness, balanced 4.5% acidity and mellow oak undertones.

Our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar  is perfect for finishing stews, risottos, scallops, grilled meats and fish.  It is, of course, also extraordinary over fresh cut berries, melon, aged cheeses and vanilla ice cream.

Product of Italy.

Made with Barrel-Aged Balsamic  and fig flavoring this Fig Balsamic Vinegar is a perennial favorite that exhibits great harmony with its rich and full flavors. One of our best selling balsamic vinegars.

Suggestions for Fig Balsamic Vinegar:
-Great drizzled over hard cheeses.
-Outstanding on a Caprese Salad (Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil).
-Use on a dinner salad featuring sweet lettuce or spring mix.
-Pair with Basil Olive Oil or Meyer Lemon Olive Oil for an amazing salad dressing or marinade.