Nobleza del Sur Organic “Night” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain



Nobleza del Sur Organic “Night” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

In Spain, another word for the moth is the ‘nocturnal butterfly,’ as they visit the flowers that open during the nighttime. Their presence in the groves of Nobleza del Sur can provide information about the quality of the olives and the annual harvest. To help bring attention to issues of climate change and the overuse of pesticides in agriculture, both of which threaten the world’s butterfly population, the producers of Nobleza del Sur chose the butterfly to represent their early harvest organic NIGHT extra virgin olive oil. Produced from a selected blend of extra virgin olive oils, from olives harvested on their private family estate, this fruity, sweet and harmonious oil exhibits complex aromas reminiscent of the many different plants coexisting in their olive groves. The oil has many applications, both in the kitchen, where it can be used on salads and in the preparation of sauces, and on the dinner table as a finishing oil on fish and other meats.

Pairs Best With

Leafy Green Salads, Garden Salads, Roasted/Grilled Veg, Boiled/Steamed Veg, Grilled Fish, White Meat, Soups & Stews, Legumes/Pulses

Recent International Awards

2020 Olive Japan – Delicate – Silver

2018 Olive Japan – Best Private Producer

TYPE:Organic Extra Virgin

SIZE:500ml (16.9 oz) x 6
REGION:Andalusia, Spain
VARIETAL:Arbequina, Picual
HARVEST:Fall 2019

PRODUCER:Nobleza del Sur
ACIDITY (%):.1
About Nobleza del Sur
Located in the fertile area of Jaen in the province of Andalucia, known since ancient times as Olive Paradise, Nobleza del Sur has been cultivating the olive for more than three generations. Today the company is involved in the complete process of production from cultivation, harvesting, processing and storage, to packaging and marketing. Each year they select the best fruit of their family farms and carefully harvest by hand at the optimum moment of ripeness to obtain the best natural olive juice. The olives are transported to their own nearby mill where the oil is extracted at low temperature with the latest machinery under strict quality control. The company uses sustainable methods and environmentally friendly production resulting in exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil for the most discerning palates.


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