Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

Production Area: Quesada, Spain

Intensity: Robust

Polyphenols: 800

Varietal: 100% Picual

Description: Its aroma is pronounced and herbaceous with hints of tomato vine, artichoke and olive leaf. Its taste is well-balanced in bitter and spicy notes with pleasant peppery finish. Emerald green in color with a robust flavor. Picual olive is the most stable (i.e. it can stand high temperatures and is therefore apt for frying and cooking), it will keep for a long time (>3-4 years without loosing any of it’s properties), is rich in polyphenols, the olive’s natural antioxidant, has a low acidity (0.19º). This oil is perfect for complementing complex-flavored foods such as grilled meats, octopus, squash and hearty soups.