Savory Truffle Balsamic Vinegar




Our Truffle Balsamic Vinegar is made by combining barrel-aged balsamic vinegar with the aroma of truffles.  The result is a sweet-tart, balsamic with rich, earthy aromas, complex flavor and a balanced acidity.

Suggestions for use:
-Use it in dressings and marinades.
-Add a splash to risotto or antipasta.
-Brush on chicken or pork as a glaze.
-Drizzle over hard cheese or enjoy it as a dip for crusty bread.

Suggested Pairings:
-Combine with any of our Extra-Virgin Olive Oils or Espresso Balsamic.


Suggested Recipes:

Additional information

Truflle Balsamic

1 60 ml / 2 oz bottle, 1 250 ml bottle, 1 375 ml bottle, 1 500 ml bottle – Most Popular, 1 750 ml bottle – Best Value


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